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buy canada goose jacket Partisan Pissmatch. The Trump Drama brown flair was useful during the peak months of Trump drama but it has basically served its purpose. Partisan Pissmatch will cover a lot of the same ground as its predecessor, such as petty slap fights over American political parties, while leaving wiggle room for some niche Trump drama that might have been excluded by the Trump exclusive brown flair. buy canada goose jacket

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canada goose clearance sale When part of your job is to go out of the way to be personable and you still get treated like a robot it can be disappointing, but you just gotta remember to not let it effect the next conversation you have with someone else. Also, merry Christmas everyone!iTruthful 4 points submitted 4 months agoPreviously worked in a support role (thankfully it was email only, moved upwards since) and I always make sure to put in that extra personable effort when talking on live chat. Though I never had to do live chat support I know how slammed it can get on there. canada goose clearance sale

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